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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


To deceive by flattery or sweet talk; to swindle or cheat. Variations are honeyfugle and honey-fugle.

I read online that it is assumed that this word is derived from coneyfugle which means to hoodwink or cajole with flattery. Coneyfugle from coney, meaning rabbit, and as the site said, fugle meaning to cheat.

Fugle is an archaic word and as we know, the meaning can change over the years. But, the definition I found was to manuever, to move hither and thither; also to make signals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honeyfuggle was Bill O'Reilly's word of the day Oct. 1, 2010 on his Fox News show, The O'Reilly Factor.

10/2/10, 10:22 AM  
Blogger the scribbler said...

Lot of honeyfuggling going on these days.

12/20/10, 11:29 PM  

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